20+ Elderflower Recipes: cordial, liqueur, tea, jelly, cake + more! (2024)

Summertime means elderflowers, and that couldn’t make me more happy! They have a delicate floral flavor that is delightful and perfect in drinks and desserts. Just like the elderberries they turn into, elderflowers have amazing medicinal benefits. They are also great to use in skin and body care recipes. I gathered up some of my favorite elderflower recipes for you to make this summer!

20+ Elderflower Recipes: cordial, liqueur, tea, jelly, cake + more! (1)

Elderflower Recipes

Elderflowers are easy to forage for and are a common sight in many locations (just make sure that you aren’t accidentally grabbing poison hemlock, but I don’t think they look that similar).

These recipes for food, medicine, and body care are the perfect way to use your wildcrafted elderflowers!

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Elderflower Drinks

Some of the tastiest and most popular way to use elderflowers is in drinks. Use them when making mead, cordial, liqueur, soda, lemonade, and tea!

My favorite elderflower drink to make is elderflower sparkling mead!

Mead is wine made with honey instead of sugar, and this sparkling mead is similar to champagne.

Sparkling Elderflower Mead Recipe

Go foraging for elderflowers, and then make this sparkling mead recipe! This easy homemade sparkling elderflower mead recipe is low alcohol, delicately flavored, and the perfect foraged drink for a hot summer day!

Check out this recipe

Elderflower cordial (also known as syrup) is an old-fashioned sweet drink made from elderflowers, water, sugar, and lemons. Stir a bit into sparkling water or mix into co*cktails for a nice drink!

If you prefer a boozy version check out this elderflower and lemon cordial.

You can also try this elderflower and strawberry cordial/syrup which sounds yummy!

Fermented elderflower soda is another delicious way to use them, or you can try my herbal water kefir soda recipe with elderflowers.

This elderflower kombucha is one I definitely want to make!

Herbal Water Kefir Soda

Turn water kefir, a healthy probiotic drink with gut healing properties, into an all natural herbal soda!

Check out this recipe

This elderflower lemonade looks amazing!

Here is my recipe for elderflower liqueur which turned out so good!

Elderflower Liqueur

Make this delicious elderflower liqueur when fresh elderflowers are in season!

Check out this recipe

Elderflower tea is a great way to enjoy its medicinal benefits. Elderflowers have similar immune boosting benefits as elderberries. They are also effective at reducing a fever and can help with allergy symptoms.

You can also try this iced wildflower infusion tea recipe that includes elderflowers!

Wildflower "Flower Power" Herbal Infusion Tea

Dried edible flowers are perfect for using in an wildflower herbal infusion. Make this recipe for "Flower Power" Wildflower Herbal Infusion Tea from the Foraging & Feasting book!

Check out this recipe

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Elderflower Jelly, Jam, and Curd

Elderflowers are great to use in wildflower jellies, either on their own or combined with other flowers. Try this elderflower and vanilla jelly, or this elderflower and wild honeysuckle jelly.

You can also make jam with elderflowers! Here is a recipe for gooseberry and elderflower jam, and this one for straight up elderflower jam.

Instead of making plain old lemon curd, add some elderflowers to it! Here’s a recipe for elderflower and lemon curd.

20+ Elderflower Recipes: cordial, liqueur, tea, jelly, cake + more! (8)

Lemon & Elderflower Curd

Easy Lemon & Elderflower Curd tastes just wonderful, the delicate Elderflower flavour works so well with the lemon, a match made in foodie heaven.

Check out this recipe

Elderflower Desserts

There are so many delicious desserts to be made with elderflowers! Ever since the most recent royal wedding had a stunning elderflower cake, it’s been a popular recipe.

If you don’t want to get that fancy, you can make this simpler version of elderflower cake.

Serve this elderflower ice cream along with your cake and you won’t be disappointed!

These elderflower popsicles sound absolutely perfect for a hot summer day.

Then there are elderflower marshmallows, because we always need more marshmallows in our lives!

One of my favorite treats are elderflower fritters. Sprinkle with a bit of powdered sugar and you’re good to go!

These elderflower honey muffins are a delicious and not too sweet treat!

Elderflower Honey Muffins

Make these delicious wildcrafted elderflower honey muffins when fresh elderflowers are in season! They aren't too sweet and are made with honey and a bit of optional sourdough starter.

Check out this recipe

Elderflower Body and Skin Care

Elderflowers aren’t only great to eat, but they are also great for the skin. They help to tone and soften, and are particularly good in products for aging complexions.

Use them in this elderflower eye cream to help decrease wrinkles and puffy eyes.

This elderflower and rose hip salve will help to heal wounds and to treat dry skin.

Now that I’ve gotten into soap making, I really want to try this elderflower and lavender soap recipe!

20+ Elderflower Recipes: cordial, liqueur, tea, jelly, cake + more! (10)

Elderflower & Lavender Soap

This natural soap recipe features elderflowers, an old-fashioned home remedy for softer skin, along with lavender essential oil for a relaxing scent.

Check out this recipe

Where to Get Dried Elderflowers

If you aren’t able to forage for elderflowers in your area, or it’s the wrong time of year, many of these elderflower recipes can be made using dried flowers instead.

My favorite place to get organic, high quality dried herbs and flowers is Mountain Rose Herbs.

I hope these elderflower recipes inspire you to make something fun!

20+ Elderflower Recipes: cordial, liqueur, tea, jelly, cake + more! (2024)


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